Block 3 Jeopardy.ppt Block 3 Jeopardy.ppt
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Above is our Block 3 jeopardy on heat, light, and sound


Monster of the Milky Way video: Great video that explains black holes 

This is the website for our webquest on the constellations for science class.

This is a great website to help learn about the universe 

Here is a link to a great video about Pluto and it's ongoing debate into is it a planet or not. 

January 8, 2013

We are not beginning our science explorations of space. We should have a lot of fun during this time, and will be doing a lot of different things with space. We will begin with the moon and its relationship to the Earth. Then we will look into our solar system, and from there look into the universe.

Here is a great link that will teach a lot of fun facts about the moon. 

October 27, 2012

Hello. We have just finished with our microorganisms unit and will be now moving into heat, light and sound. This will probably be a little more exciting for the students, and hopefully I will be able to find some fun activitites to help them learn the concepts. Heat, light and sound are things that we use and deal with constantly on a daily basis, so it should be easy to help the students have real world application to the material that we are using.


Here is a fun site that allows the students to play and learn about different sounds. Explore and have fun.


Here is a video that teaches a lot about heat. Answering the following questions as you watch this video.                           Part 1

Answering the following questions as you watch this video.                                                                                             Part 2


1. Here is a fun site that helps students learn about colors. In it they have to try to match a color circle with a background by adjusting the different amounts of color, red, blue, and green.

2. Here is another site that allows students to play with reflecting light.

We are begining to learn about micro-organisms in our science class now, and it will only be for a few weeks. In that time we have a lot to learn, so it is going to seem really fast and jam packed for us. Below are a few Power Points on micro-organisms. Because of the size of the PPT I had to break it into 3 parts, so start with part 1 and move through them.  

Micro-World part 1.ppt Micro-World part 1.ppt
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Micro-World part 2.ppt Micro-World part 2.ppt
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Micro-World part 3.ppt Micro-World part 3.ppt
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Micro-World part 4.ppt Micro-World part 4.ppt
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Below are some additional resources for Micro organisms. Please feel free to explore and learn what you can. Students, bring any questions that you to school and we will discuss them and look them up together.  

microscope.pdf microscope.pdf
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Microorganisms Vocabulary.pptx Microorganisms Vocabulary.pptx
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This is a great interactive website for you to explore and learn about different micro organisms in water:

 Just copy and paste this link in your web browser

WEB QUEST (to be done in class)

You will notice that this webquest is broken down into different sections and each section has a different worksheet. We will complete each section in class, and yes, you will have to fill out every worksheet. This should be fun for you to do. **Remember, this activity is not just for you to fly through and get done filling out your worksheet. You should also make sure that you learn the material in the process.**

Fill out your explore-a-pond worksheet using the links under "The Good" section of the webquest.


WEB QUEST 2 (can be done at home)

Here is another webquest that you may do. Again, each part has a worksheet for you to fill out as you explre. Just follow the directions and you will be OK. On the first worksheet, a visit to the microbe zoo, ignore very first sentence of directions. Instead just go to the link below and begin your webquest. Follow the rest of the directions on the worksheet to get your information.

Below is your first worksheet for the "web quest 2." It goes with The Unseen World part of the webquest.

AVisittotheMicrobeZoo.pdf AVisittotheMicrobeZoo.pdf
Size : 112.917 Kb
Type : pdf

Below is your second worksheet for the "web quest 2." It goes with the  Kingdom Protista part of the webquest.

ProtistInternetLab.pdf ProtistInternetLab.pdf
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Type : pdf

 October 9, 2012

Here is a document that should help you with the beginning of your assignment. It shows a picture of the different protozoa and allows you tompare and contrast them easily.

Protozoa shapes, compare and contrast.doc Protozoa shapes, compare and contrast.doc
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October 9, 2012

Here are some interesting sites that talk about protozoa's:

On the left of this page is also some interesting links.

Here is another good site.

This site will give you a lot of needed information on the protozoa that you need.

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