Here are some spot the difference games. We talked about how these are very similar to being able to notice details, something that is extremely important with LA. Have fun 

             Spelling Lists

 Here is a link to the spelling lists at spelling city

 we are now doing spelling test 11, Unusual spellings

Here is the reading log that I give to the students. If you need a new one just open it and print it out.


Reading log for website.doc Reading log for website.doc
Size : 56.5 Kb
Type : doc

In language arts this week (nov. 26-30) we are working on sequencing. Suprisingly, putting things in sequence was not as easy as all the students thought it would be. To help here are some sequencing activities to try.

This is a good site that goes through some sequencing activities to see how well you do

This web page gives you a lot of different sequencing activities to try. Just pick one and try it   

This site takes you to a place where you will build your own Christmas story by using sequence.

This is a site that takes you to a lot of different links for sequencing activities. Feel free to try any number of them and have fun with it.


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