Ususally this will be in the science tab, but because we will be doing it during computer lab time and not science I placed it here.

Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe Webquest

When you look up at the starry sky, how many stars can you find? Can you find yellow stars? Red Stars? Or blue stars? Why do the stars have different colors? As an astronomer, you will explore the stars and find out the clues to these questions. Using reliable sources on the web, answer the following questions about stars and stellar evolution.

Go to (or type in "" into Google and then click "wonders of the Cosmos" box on the right and then click on "stars"

This link is to a graphic organizer that will help students prepare to write a persuasive paper.

Here is a site that our school uses to practice typing. If you follow what it says it really will help teach you how to type. 

Here is a site that will test your typing speed, and has some fun games that you can play to increase your speed.


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